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Male Model Trainee overcame deep personal obstacles by discovering his self-worth through model training with CAFB. Message received via WhatsApp, Dec '18.

"I appreciate all the help I'm getting from  CAFB and one day I hope I'll grow and also have an organization that's going to help people like me. I am so grateful,
thank you so much."

-Ingar Qwede
Former CAFB model trainee
Present-day Model & Actor

I really enjoyed the photoshoot that was done at the Crystal Towers. As a photographer I leant so much more and have a greater understanding for the professional world of fashion and photography. I enjoyed talking to the crew and asking questions. Everyone was very friendly towards me and always gave me advice. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity. I would love to receive the newsletter and i would also love to work with Creative Angels Fashion Benefit in the future.

Jacques Vermeulen, City Varsity (Photography)

[pictured right]

The moment the organisers and photographer arrived, I saw all the participating models’ faces light up. Everyone was given a warm welcome with a hug, which made me feel more comfortable seeing that I’ve never met these people in my life. It felt as though they were some form of family. No one shied away and they did what they had to do. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, making my experience nothing but amazing. Steven was kind enough to give us tips and the opportunity to capture images of our own, which was very thoughtful. The shoot was done in a professional manner with a venue, makeup artists, designers and stylist. After the shoot I was motivated me to pursue this profession and I am pleased with the treatment I received.

Charissa Martin, City Varsity (Photography)

Youth Day Photo Shoot Feedback
Grade 7 students at Springfield Hindu Primary School

Here are just two comments from a number that were given to us on 4 June, at our Youth Day photo shoot. Special thanks to our sponsors, Perana Viosa & You Biscuit. Visit our news page to view some of the stories the students wrote, based on the items they chose to colour in on the You Biscuit posters.

"Hi Prenessa,


I am definitely super late, my apologies, but I randomly googled my name and saw the article you wrote on me and the perpetual produkt. Amazing! Thank you so so so much. It was so inspiring and I'd never heard the term 'skunk work' or 'side work' for the passion project lol. Jaslike it was such a great read and everything aesthetically looked superb. Really great publication you have there"

               -Kevin, Perpetual Produkt

Sibu Ntisa

I feel blessed and special since I became part of this family, may God open more doors of these Angels.

Busiswa Situnde

I'm very happy to be part of this family,thank you Angels.

In 2013 whilst struggling to my label out there to the public, my patternmaker and fellow Angel, Adrienne Walker, introduced me to this awesome organisation where you get the opportunity to showcase your garments to the public as well as doing your bit for charity and giving back to the community. Both these things lay very close to my heart and immediately I knew I had to be a part of this great organisation!


Working with the CAFB team was a fantastic experience: they are a very "hands-on" group of people working very hard to ensure each designer's show is unique and successful. One of my main challenges was to get all my garments finished in time, as I had a few big projects beforehand. In order to overcome this challenge I had to work over time and many extra hours, but in the end with the great support from the team it was well worth doing!


Being with the CAFB team certainly helped my career a lot! You gain very valuable contacts who are always willing to help you out and supporting you in each and every project you do. Also, being a part of an organisation bigger than yourself is a huge bonus as people will start to notice you. The team have also been very helpful even after the show, always prepared to be there with guidance, help and love!

Being involved with CAFB taught me a lot about the industry, showing that fashion isn't always the cold, harsh brutal industry people warn you about. There are fashionistas with a heart to give back to the community!


My favorite part of CAFB is that you get to work towards a cause bigger than any achievement; you get to give back to children in need; put a smile on their faces and give them hope for their futures. It truly teaches one, in this fast-paced industry, to sometimes stop and give back even in small ways. In the end seeing the smile on those children-in-needs' faces is an award in itself!


I would definitely recommend CAFB to any young upcoming designer! It is a great platform with even greater potential! Working with the team is a great experience for any designer out there trying to make a name in this industry. You gain so much valuable experience and build contacts that will be there in eternity evolving into great friendships!

"I, too, have been following your newsletters and the CAFB is progressing so wonderfully! Congratulations!"

          - Ahneesh Valodia, Artistic Director at Taare Dance

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