Terms & Conditions



Self Service: This is defined as a system whereby customers select goods themselves and pay at a check out point.

Customer Care: The process whereby a CAFB representative assist a customer with the purchasing of a ticket.


  1. Coupon codes applied for ticket purchases to the #CAFB2019 fashion show are limited to self service purchases only. Any ticket orders placed through customer care do not guarantee customers discounts due to administration costs incurred by The Company.

Competition: Win a 12-month Model Training Programme or 12-month Business Development Programme



Competition: Refers to a general contest between guests at the CAFB2019 fashion show and Creative Angels Fashion Benefit.

Disputes: Refers to any disagreement or arguments between the competition winner and Creative Angels Fashion Benefit.

Entrants: Refers to all members of the CAFB2019 fashion show that enter the competition, are above the age of 16 and can verify this through appropriate legal documentation.

Prize: Refers to either a 12-month Model Trainee or Fashion Business membership programme valid for 12 months from date of activation with The Company. Activation must be completed before the 26th of January 2020. In order to activate this prize, the prize winner must contact The Company in writing, with reference to the prize being used or being passed on to another person to use, by emailing pearlygates@creativeangelsinfo.com:

Creative Angels Fashion Benefit -Competition Terms & Conditions

  1. This competition is governed within the scope of the law of the Republic of South Africa, with disputes will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Cape Town Magistrates Court, Cape Town.

  2. This competition shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of section 36 read with Regulation 11 of the Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 2008.

  3. Who Can Enter: Entrants are entitled to participate in this competition if they are natural persons who are at least 16 years old and can verify this by producing a valid identity document or residency permit. Every guest at the CAFB2019 fashion show being held at the River Club Cape Town will be allowed to enter his/her name in a separate box in the event foyer should he/she like to stand a chance to win a model training membership

  4. In order to win, the entrant must be present within the venue at the CAFB 2019 fashion show at the time of the draw. The entrant, upon winning, must be willing to sign all paperwork and agreements provided by CAFB and an addendum will be created to waiver the registration fee involved. Take note that all other fee related programme requirements will apply.

  5. Failure to activate membership in the stipulated timeframe will result in the prize being forfeit.

  6. The price of the memberships as published online is priced at R4 000 and R7 500, if paid upfront, however the total value of the prizes exceed R12 000 and R20 000 respectively.

  7. No one is permitted to enter another person's name into the competition.

  8. Exclusion: Directors, members, partners, employees, agents of, or consultants to the event and/or its subsidiaries including Creative Angels Fashion Benefit, employees, their promotional partners and printers, their advertising and promotional agencies, suppliers of goods or services in connection with this competition or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by Creative Angels Fashion Benefit and/or the promoter or marketing service providers in respect of this competition, or any of the aforementioned persons' immediate family, including spouses, life partners, parents, children and siblings, business partners, or associates of a director, employee or agent of, a consultant to the promoter are not eligible to participate or enter this competition.

  9. By participating in this competition, you agree to be bound by all of the Competition Rules, Terms, and Conditions set out above, without exception. Upon entering the competition, you are added to the respective Brand's fan database and will receive notification emails related to marketing material. This clause is subject to the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act (Act no 4 of 2013) and by entering this competition, you hereby grant permission in terms of said Act.

  10. Entrants consent that they have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions by actively entering the competition.


Links to Acts that apply :




Competition: Win eight Clarity Coaching Sessions with Charlotte Haggie, Clarity Coach

  1. The voucher provided by Charlotte Haggie, Clarity Coach as a prize towards this event is to be redeemed within six months of the date of the event (being 26 October 2019).

  2. The voucher entitles the winner to eight one on one coaching sessions the time and venue of which will be decided upon between the client and the coach.

  3. The winner agrees to the terms and conditions provided in the coaching contract between the coach and client as below:

Objective of Coaching Services

The objective of the coaching services is to enable the client to identify personal and/or business goals, develop strategies and action plans intended to achieve such goals, and monitor progress towards implementation of the action plans.

The Nature of Coaching

The client is aware that the coaching relationship is not psychological counselling or any kind of therapy. Coaching does not treat illness or pathology. The coaching relationship is designed and defined by each respective client and the coach, and the relationship is based on the expressed goals, interests and objectives of that client. The coach will use discussion and questions to assist each client to identify personal and/or business goals, develop strategies and action plans intended to achieve such goals, and monitor progress towards implementation of the action plans. The coach and client are also aware that coaching results cannot be guaranteed. The client and coach acknowledge and agree that they are entering into coaching in the full understanding that the client is responsible for their own decisions and results.

Primary Focus of Coaching Sessions

The client is free to discuss any area of life or business with the coach. The primary focus of the sessions will be contracted up-front by client and the coach. The client and the coach acknowledge that deciding how to handle these issues and implement these choices is exclusively the responsibility of the client.


The client and coach agree that all business-related information disclosed during the coaching sessions will be treated as confidential, and will not be shared with any persons outside of the coaching relationship without the client’s prior consent.

Length of Coaching Relationship

The agreed length of this coaching relationship is for eight sessions with the client, after which the client and the coach will review the relationship and re-contract, if required. The length of each coaching session will be approximately 1 hour.


The location of all coaching sessions shall be agreed upon in advance by the client and the coach.

Fee charged

The coach agrees to offer the client eight coaching sessions free of charge. Any sessions required after this contract will be carried out at a fee of R550 per hour or R4000 for eight sessions paid upfront.


Communication regarding cancellation will be shared at least 24 hours in advance. Sessions cancelled by client on less than 24 hours’ notice will be forfeited by the client. The coach will make every effort to reschedule with the client.

Exit and Review Of Coaching Relationship

The client agrees to have a conversation with the coach regarding the decision of that client to exit the coaching relationship prior to completion of the contracted term, and to review the learning and changes that have taken place. The client remains responsible for any payment of the sessions conducted up to and including this review session.


The client agrees to indemnify the coach from all liability for any actions or adverse situations created as a direct or indirect result of the coaching process, or of a referral or other advice given by the coach. The client acknowledges and agrees that in the course of the coaching services the coach may ask questions which may be personal or challenging. The client waives and releases any claims arising or resulting from such questions, actions or services, except in respect of a breach by the coach of his/her obligations regarding confidentiality of the sessions as outlined under the heading ‘Confidentiality’.

The Role of The Coach Is To:

  • be a thinking partner, walking alongside the client on this learning journey

  • ask questions that result in the client identifying new ways of thinking and exploring new approaches and options

  • create a safe space that encourages exploration and openness, a space of non-judgement

  • be honest and strive to work with integrity

  • communicate openly, sharing and reflecting back observations

  • make explicit any observations or issues that are more appropriately and ideally explored by another intervention, eg. counsellor / therapist

  • hold the focus of the sessions in line with the SMART goals that the client sets ​for her/himself

The Role of The Client Is To:

  • own their learning process

  • be committed to implement the changes that coaching will bring

  • be committed to spending time in reflection, and to put their reflections and learnings in writing for future reference

  • own the decisions made

  • be accountable to self

  • be honest with self

  • hold an understanding that adult learning is a process and involves change

  • provide feedback to the coach at the completion of the coaching programme

This contract will be signed by both coach and client at the beginning of the coaching relationship.

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