#CAFB2018 presents The Jazz Cats

October 5, 2018

As if your host, Mark Johnson, wasn't smooth enough for you, we're lining up one of the most talented Jazz Bands for #CAFB2018. And did you remember to practice the South African National Anthem, because as you know - we never begin a show without paying homage to our heritage as a Rainbow Nation, and saluting our Tata Madiba with a soul-stirring version of Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika. You don't have to be South African to understand the sacrifice and labour of love that is our anthem. You just need to FEEL the electricity in the room when every Angel at #CAFB2018 is belting it out with unrivaled pride. 

Oopsie, it looks like our pride in South Africa carried us away a little, but you have to understand - we can't help it. When we heard the first audition by The Jazz Cats, we were blown away. There's no denying that the CAFB 2018, less than a month away, is going to be the most sensational display of our nation's rising creative performers. 


Click here to listen to The Jazz Cats' audition for #CAFB2018

(Recording begins at 14sec into this clip)


Show some love to The Jazz Cats while indulging in the art of their live performance at #CAFB2018. If you're an ardent fan of live music, you're going to love every moment of the Angel experience. Remember to use their coupon code when you book to enjoy 10% off your ticket purchase.



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