Returns Policy

The online shop can be accessed at through various computer and mobile applications and sites. The aforementioned enables buyers and/or purchasers to purchase designer clothing and relatable items specialised and limited to Creative Angels Fashion Benefit’s online platform. Such said items may be delivered door-to-door, through relevant courier or shipping service providers, at the relevant and proper fee. This online platform together with its products may be duly visible to all site visitors. Further, the purchasing platform may be used by a registered online site account holder of Creative Angels Fashion Benefit and/or individual site visitors wishing to make a purchase without a formal registration.

  1. Furtherance of Refund Policy

1 (1) If you are not content with any items from your order you may return them to us within 30 days from delivery if the item is non- defective and within 6 months as per Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (as per s16; s19; s20 and s55(3) and s56), should the item be of a defective nature (subject to the stipulations below).

1 (2) the purchaser must select between a repair, refund or replacement, provided that a replacement item is available in stock. Should an item be unavailable, the purchaser is able to select a refund or a repair. Repairability of any item is determined within 7 business days of receiving the item through the CAFB Offices in Cape Town - should a repair be impossible or not offer sufficient quality upon the item being returned to the purchaser, the CAFB will endeavour to contact the purchaser within 3 business days to execute a full refund of the item’s retail price, listed on the purchaser’s relevant proof of purchase. In compliance with the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008, the customer is eligible to select between a refund, repair and where possible and feasible a replacement if the item is delivered and found to be defective within 6 months from the date of purchase. Defective nature excludes that of consumer party’s misuse, negligence and/or violation of health and safety codes.

1 (3) Please note that the onus falls on the buyer and/or purchaser to ensure that the returns must be delivered to CAFB Offices in Cape Town within the time period as indicated is section ten subsection one ,returns received beyond these periods , will not be accepted unless acknowledged and agreed to by CAFB prior to the date of expiration of returned goods (the 6-month mark from date of purchase). While the CAFB endeavours to reach purchasers within 3 business days, the onus is on the buyer and/or purchaser to make contact with CAFB within 72 hours of the 6 month mark period, to enquire if the relevant item has been received in good order.

1 (4) please take due regard and note that refunds on returns will be subject to an administration charge of 15% in cases of non-defective items.

1 (5) In the case of defective items there will be no administrative charge.

1 (6) Items with no defects should be returned in excellent condition or in a condition as closest to when received and onus falls on the buyer and/or purchaser. CAFB reserves the right to examine non-defective returned items for partial use, wear and tear, damage and/or physical and/or technical alterations to said item/s. Should CAFB suspect partial use, wear and tear, damage and/or physical and/or technical alterations to said item/s, CAFB reserves the right to outsource expert advice prior to responding regarding refund requests. Every effort will be made to inform the purchaser of developments in this regard, however the responsibility falls on the purchaser to contact CAFB Offices within 72 hours of  receiving confirmation that CAFB has received the return of said non-defective item.

1 (6) (1) Items that have been damaged in any manner that does not originate on the part of CAFB will not be accepted and no refunds will take place.CAFB reserves the right to outsource laboratories, field experts and any other expertise required to ensure the defective goods were supplied as such or that defective goods were predisposed during manufacturing stages. CAFB reserves the right to rely on such expert findings in taking recourse and if necessary to argue against a refund, in line with the Consumer Protection Act.  

1 (6) (2) Take note that once CAFB has received your refunded item and is happy in all due respects of the material nature of the item, CAFB will refund you by your original payment method or by EFT into your banking account. The responsibility to provide correct banking details falls onto the purchaser, and should no communication be received for three years, CAFB reserves the right to assume the refund request as permanently cancelled, non-negotiable and non-transferable.

1(6) (3) Payments can take up to 21 working days to process after full inspection of the Product.

1(6) (4) Returned items that are found to be defective goods will be refunded however this is excluding the original cost of courier and/ shipping and subject to a 15% administration fee.

2.   Exchanges

2 (1) If you would like to exchange a product purchased from CAFB you will need to return the original item and then place a new order. Once the exchanged is approved, you will then receive either a credit to the rand value of the item, gift and/or another item to a similar value of the original item, excluding the original cost of courier and/or shipping, according to our returns policy. The onus is on the buyer and/or purchaser to fit the costs of courier should there be an exchange for a non defective item.

2(2) if the item is defective and proven as such, CAFB claims responsibility for such and there will be no such costs liable on the buyer and/or purchaser.

2 (2) (1) Responsibility should fall into the supplier; this may be identified as CAFB, a third party or a registered tenant of the CAFB online store.

2 (3) However duly take note that if the item is defective CAFB claims the right to first send it for a quality assurance check to verify the nature of the defect and only once this is determined in favour of the buyer and/or purchaser will CAFB thereafter proceed with relevant refund procedures and the processes of s 2(2) apply.

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