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The cost of living is going up steadily in South Africa, and running a Fashion Business is a mammoth task. For the gutsy, bold and ambitious creatives out there, times seem tough. But what to do, if you want to avoid the dreaded 9-5 (8-5 if we're being honest) and grow your home-studio into a respected Fashion Business? You register with Creative Angels Fashion Benefit.

Graduates, dressmakers, pattern makers, tailors, self-taught dreamers: we are here for you! If you can close your eyes and picture your garments up on the runway, being photographed in a studio, advertised online and admired by communities around the world, this is the platform that will help you get there. Develop your basic skills into a fashion empire, and restore our nation's pride in home-grown fashion.

Enjoy working with real people from all walks of life, who will model your clothes on the Angel Runway and in the Angel Photoshoots. Have stylists pore over your team of confident young stars, working together with you to make sure everything is just perfect. Engage with professional Photographers for a fraction of the market rates to give your label so many upper hands, they become your Angel Wings.

Since 2012, our CAFB programme has promoted Fashion Designers who want to build a stronger South African economy. Whether you use the latest technology like pineapple leather, or you're taking it back to basics with pure non-GMO fair-trade-certified cotton, there is room for you in our Angel family. Don't change who you are to fit in with what the world follows blindly: use CAFB to introduce your unique fashion flavour to the world. Designers accepted for: menswear, ladieswear, bridal, easternwear, casual, formal, swimwear, ballroom, accessories.

Your label. No limits. Let's lift off. Click here to connect with our Angels.

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