Introducing Serendipity Travel

Today we seem to have everything at our fingertips. Your smartphone can help you book your travel arrangements, do your banking, check your emails and help you with your weekly shopping. With so much focus on mobile applications for everything, we're losing our greatest advantage: human connection.

This is why companies like Serendipity Travel are so important. With teams in South Africa and India looking after businesses, educational institutions and thousands of families who need expert travel advice, and time-saving travel booking and management services, the business addresses the human need for personal communication. Their clients are not numbers in a system: they are people, families and business all with different and very specific travel needs.

Serendipity Travel is a division of the Serendipity Worldwide Group, originally established in 1996. The brand has won multiple awards since its inception and is also IATA and ASATA accredited. Of the many reasons that we are thrilled to work with Serendipity Travel, the common passion for furthering South Africa's emerging talent stands out above all else.

Serendipity Travel and CAFB have also partnered together to offer priority travel services to show guests outside of Cape Town. Book your tickets online then contact us to meet your dedicated travel consultant who will help you make the most of your trip, covering everything from road and air transport, to local tours and accommodation. This is the Angel experience at its finest!

Few people fully understand the level of thought and care which goes into building a brand like Serendipity Travel. For example, the soaring swallow in the logo actually symbolises the constant 'onward and upward' attitude of the team, and the hunger to keep climbing, while carrying local businesses and tourist attractions along the upward trajectory. This being said, the swallow has also been chosen because of its outstanding ethos and rooted connection to its nest: its home.

Serendipity Travel is a proudly South African brand, just like the Creative Angels Fashion Benefit. Our shared love of all things local is visible in the user journey and experience: we seek to leave people and places better than when we find them. Many values and principles throughout both of our brands are inspired by the teachings of the globally recognised movement called Infinitheism, founded by Mahatria Ra. Working with Serendipity has further expanded our Angel family and allowed us to connect YOU as our valued guests with their outstanding offerings which also build employment opportunities and quality of life for many families in South Africa.

If you haven't yet booked your tickets to the CAFB 2019 Rainbow Nation Fashion Show, you'd better click here to get going. VIP is already half booked and seats in the Standard section are going fast. Come celebrate the spirit of South Africa with Serendipity Travel and your favourite Angels.

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