Our MC Angel Ariana, Shooting for the stars

Ariana Padayachee is living proof that no mountain is too high to climb when you believe in your own human potential. She's not your everyday teen. She's an Angel. And she's our MC for the CAFB 2019: The Rainbow Nation Fashion Show.

Ariana enjoys all forms of artistic leisure, including music, poetry, fine art and even culinary arts. Her inspiration comes from those around her, mainly her parents, who have given her strength and have taught her to never give up. When asked about her outlook on life, she mentioned being motivated by her parents' strength, kindness, love and giving nature.

We see great things on the horizon for this young lady. She's passionate about using her voice to talk about necessary topics, no matter how difficult, and she's devoted to building up those around her. If you're in media, you'll find a strong ally in Ariana as she aims to transform people and places positively through her every action.

Currently a member of the academic world, she has her sights set on expanding the values we hold dear at CAFB: integrity, discipline and respect. They say seeing is believing so we'd rather you stop reading now and head over to Quicket to book your tickets to CAFB 2019 to enjoy the Angel experience with other remarkable guests.

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