Mrs Universe SA Finalist is a true Angel

Like any other day, I was scanning my Facebook feed for interesting posts, people and opportunities I could share. I came across Feerouza Kruger's post in a group called Future Females, asking for support from passionate people who could make an appearance at one or both of two events she was planning. I offered my support, and that's when it became clear.

She's one of the rare human beings who give more than 100% to everything she does, and she does everything for the greater good of our communities. Seeing Feerouza represent modesty in local fashion made me feel like meeting her was destiny. It was like the universe was telling me that our dreams of representing every kind of fashion style was about to come true.

Feerouza made the time to meet with me on the 15th of June, in between a full day of her pageant duties and planning meetings. We knew right away, from exchanging life context, that we could work together to strengthen the spirit of Ubuntu in our beautiful country. Every breath of hers is spent highlighting an opportunity to help elevate another person's life: the trait of a true Angel.

Why are we telling you this?

Because Feerouza's participation in the Mrs Universe South Africa competition resembles exactly what our CAFB 2019 event is about - The Rainbow Nation. Pageants are often stereotyped and seen as platforms which objectify women, or otherwise limit the opportunity for women to be seen as 'substantial' role models.

Everything Feerouza is, and has achieved, proves that fashion and modeling are what you make of it. As a Muslim, she observes a modest dress code as a daily personal display of her faith. Her work with local fashion brands during the pageant build-up has given much-deserved attention to modesty as a viable fashion concept worth exploring, particularly in South Africa as The Rainbow Nation.

Feerouza's second fundraiser happens next weekend, on the 7th of September. We're asking you to please show your support as this initiative helps provide comfort packs, with personalised messages of support, hope, and encouragement to victims of abuse at the Matla A Bana institution in Cape Town. Every ticket sold will ensure that at least one more abuse victim receives a fighting chance at building a brighter future for themselves, with Feerouza's help.

This is a great way to also connect with Feerouza ahead of our CAFB 2019 Rainbow Nation Fashion Show, as she will be sharing her views on fashion opportunities in South Africa. Remember that even if you can't physically be there, no contribution is too big or too small. Your effort and support are what make it possible to carry our nation forward to prosperity.

You can click here to view the official event page and request tickets directly from Feerouza.

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