Angel of the Month: Caurrider Longwe

Long overdue, and worth every moment we've waited to write this article, here is the interview with winner of October 2018's Angel of the Month vote: Caurrider Longwe.

1.How did you discover CAFB, and what has the experience been like for you since you joined?

I found out about CAFB via Facebook. I'm always up for anything and I've loved every minute of my time as an Angel so far.

2.Did you ever think that you would be hailed as a hero and leader to the peoples around you?

Not at all - I was quite surprised when the announcement was made.

3.What inspires you every single day?

Vincent Longwe, my son. To think that God has placed and trusted me with a Son, Prince, Father, Lover, Husband, Leader, Entrepreneur, and everything else he is destined to become... he will be responsible for many lives and all that I do in his early development years will have an impact.

4. How do you achieve balance? Do you get involved in any other projects or community initiatives?

Jurcleas has 4 brain children and Style is the exciting community based part of it. I mentor students and fellow women in business and life in general. I'm also an advocate of the Buy Black Movement.

5. What advice would you give other Fashion Designers and those looking to build a successful brand in this industry?

Unique perspective and integration of daily life with the technical industry basics both play a key role in many aspects of our careers. Inherent attributes can't be taught - perseverance, respect, attitude - these all come from within ultimately. There is an aspect of sacrifice that becomes costly in the sense that there may not be a monitor gain for some inputs and accepting that is what lacks in people in general.

I would encourage a daily introspection as the industry is multidisciplinary meaning you are not an island. You've got to constantly take stock of your accomplishments, your opportunities to refine, and improve upon your skills, and the kind of behaviours and decisions which you should avoid in future.

Caurrider Longwe is a Fashion Entrepreneur who thinks far beyond the short term benefits and monetary gains. She is a visionary, and a fine example of the boundless talent within Africa. If you'd like to join Caurrider as a Fashion Entrepreneur in our programme, click here to submit your application form directly.

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