Rule #1: Don't make an effort to hurt someone

The recent week really had me fired up. After a phenomenal success at CAFB 2018, which included the contributions of Melissa Smith as a Guest Judge, I felt beyond proud to work alongside a woman of total strength and beauty. A vision: she presented herself in a gorgeous fashion statement by Nadia Block Couture and absolutely rocked it!

Someone decided this week, though, to share the individual opinion and preference that pointed in the direction of Melissa's look not meeting one's standards. We don't believe in picking on some people the way they do to others, so again, we won't mention a name. But we want everyone who sees this article to do and be better - we all have the opportunity to make every day count in the best way, and leave a positive mark on the world.

Melissa wants good things for everyone in the world, and she has devoted her life to making it a reality. Differently Beautiful is a movement that inspires me to drive CAFB even further because of the potential we all have inside us, to be creative... to be successful... to be happy with who we are. We don't rise any higher by bringing others down, and it warmed my heart to see all the Angels around Melissa and the DB crew standing up against bullying.

We have two criteria for determining whether or not someone is fit to enroll in our programme: one should never aim to hurt someone else, and one should never aim to hold someone else back from living their best life. If we can stick to these two simple principles in life, imagine what a wonderful world it would be! Melissa is an Angel, inside and out, and we are so excited about where our collaborations will take us in the future.

Until then, stop yourself if the words you want to use and the things you want to do don't leave people and places better than when you first encountered them. Karma is real, ladies and gents, so be kind.

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