Top Model, Melissa Smith, special guest at #CAFB2018

Differently Beautiful is a movement that's gaining rapid momentum among South African communities and it happens to be led by local fashionista & sought-after brand ambassador, Melissa Smith. We don't believe there is a more fitting person than her to appear as a Guest Judge at #CAFB2018 - here's why:

Melissa is employed by City of Cape Town, in the Transport and Urban Authority Department. She noticed that opportunities for full-figured models were on the rise and felt confident enough to dive into the industry. Her mission of showing others how to love themselves and be comfortable in their own skins catapulted when she was selected through the 'Thick Girl Supremacy' model search in Cape Town.

Always striving to reach more people who deserve to be celebrated, Melissa is constantly on the lookout for both partners and beneficiaries. Her drive to positively shape the way people see themselves is strongly aligned with our core existence at CAFB, represented by three powerful words: Dream. Believe. Belong.

When asked about her motivation for working with CAFB, Melissa responded, "I see it as an opportunity to help promote another local brand for women and also as a networking opportunity to help my brand reach more people. More like minded people can realise that they are not alone in their struggles."

Melissa's message to aspiring Angels around the globe: Be YouNique!

Be Inspired!

Be Inspiring!

Be Motivated!

Be Different!

Be Beautiful!

Be Differently Beautiful!

VIP tickets to our #CAFB2018 show are almost completely sold out but don't despair because standard tickets also give our guests free parking, free wifi and free kids entertainment. Book your tickets and celebrate yourself as part of an exclusive audience making history at One&Only Cape Town. Click here or on the image above to head over and book via our website, where you can enter the coupon code for a sweet little discount too!

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