Mark Johnson: Man of many talents to host #CAFB2018

South Africa is growing as a point of intense focus for the rest of the world, and some of that attention can be attributed to our nation's creative talent. Take Mark Johnson, for example: a young man who follows his creative passion without fear or hesitation. Driven by his love and pride of his South African heritage, this talented all-rounder will be taking you, our show guests, on a journey through the very best of South African talent at #CAFB2018. Folks, if you still haven't secured your seats, now would be the time!

Mark's life is a glorious tapestry of creative activities, with everything from professional commercial modelling and acting (managed by Twenty Management), to radio presenting and stand-up comedy. He uses every avenue to make people laugh, feel good about themselves and forget about the day-to-day stresses of life. He works hard to perfect his art form when he's not in the spotlight, and the proof is in his constant onward and upward trajectory.

We caught up with Mark to help you kick start your #CAFB2018 experience by e-meeting him as your host for our fabulous creative display. Here are a few of our favourite things:

1. Top 3 reasons to have a coffee date with you?

I've been told that I'm genuinely funny and an instant mood-booster. I give great advice on how to gain a positive perspective on life. You will always feel like the centre of attention when you’re with me.

2. Why work with CAFB?

I believe in improving the lives of others, and assisting people with reaching their full potential in life. I believe that CAFB is an organisation which strives to do the exact same thing, so I'm really grateful to have found an organisation whose beliefs correspond with mine in an industry that I'm passionate about.

3. Any words of encouragement for aspiring Angels around the world?

One of the most amazing things in life is to have an avenue to express yourself. If you are fortunate enough to find this in life, don’t take it for granted. Hold on to it, work hard at it and don’t let anybody or anything stand in your way of doing what you love. Don’t be discouraged by failure because it's a sign of effort.

Don’t be discouraged if you fall short either: t may just be a sign that success is just around the corner. You may very often have sleepless nights, and your nerves may overcome you, but don’t be discouraged. These are signs that you care deeply about what you are concentrating on.

Surround yourself with people who have similar interests and who work harder than you so that you are constantly encouraged to do better and realise that you are not alone on this journey.

If you're feeling inspired and you need a boost of positive energy, you need to treat yourself to some CAFB magic by booking your tickets. With just over a month to go, tickets have been steadily selling and seat numbers cannot be increased so every day you wait means a day closer to the show being sold out. Click here to book and don't forget to enter Mark's code MARKJ218 for a sweet little discount on booking!

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