Angel of the Month: Ednecia Kleynhans

Once an Angel and a pair of wings unite, they never really part ways. This is something like the story of Ednecia Kleynhans who has grown from strength to strength through our programme, now in her third year with us. Ednecia won the coveted title of Angel of the Year 2017 and has been democratically voted as Angel of the Month for August 2018 by her peers.

We caught up with Ednecia shortly after her most recent rehearsal to give you the inside scoop:

1. How did you discover CAFB and what has the experience been like for you since you joined?

I discovered CAFB through a former designer - this is actually my 3rd consecutive year with the team. I was very shy at first but being a member of the CAFB helped me to grow my confidence and helped me so much with other aspects as well. CAFB family are always looking out for one another and that stood out for me being able to experience it.

2. What inspires you every single day?

To be kind to other people at all times.

3. Did you ever think that you would be hailed as a hero and leader to the people around you? (Elaborate)

People consider you as a hero if you help them through situations so I think, yes, I might be considered one. To love and care for your fellow brother or sister, especially in the time of need,your presence will always be appreciated. It is always the small gestures in life that leave such a big impact on others which, in other words, is what a hero does.

4. What advice would you give others who aspire to become fashion models or experience the runway atmosphere?

Always be yourself, be confident, try your best and never give up!

5. What are some of your life goals in three sentences?

My primary goal is to get my Diploma in Clothing Production. I would love to do some travelling because there's so much more to experience out there. Last but not least I want to register my business in the clothing industry.

6. What are the top 3 things that you do to stay happy?

I try to stay positive at all times. I keep a smile on my face because you never know when your smile can brighten someone else's day. I often turn the music up and have a great sing along and a dance routine just to boost my mood and I laugh as much as I can.

Join us at the magical One&Only Cape Town to watch Ednecia and her fellow Angels light up the runway. You could walk away with stunning prizes for your role in transforming young lives by being in our audience. Click here to book your tickets using Ednecia's promo code for a sweet 10% off tickets.

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