Body Rock is back for #CAFB2018!

Our guests oooo'd and aaaaah'd their way through some exquisite dance performances by the Body Rock School of Performing Arts in 2017, and with everything building up to the One&Only Cape Town edition, there is SO much more to look forward to! This award-winning troupe knows how to balance fun, skill and a great work ethic - they're living, breathing, dancing proof that you CAN do what you love when you feel like doing it!

Given that 2018 has been a year of breakthroughs for the Angels, there's no doubt in our minds that these young budding stars are gearing up for the show of a lifetime! What makes this dance school all the more special is that its owners, Hayli & Kim Travice, extend opportunities to children from developing communities. Those who otherwise would have had little to no ability to express their creative talents or discover their destiny within the world of arts and entertainment have a fighting chance - or should we say a dancing chance - to grab life by the lemons and make a wondrous lemonade.

Witness the magic and be a part of our nation's road to creative freedom for youth - all it takes is a little click right here to book your tickets online. See you at One&Only Cape Town for the fashion & talent show of a lifetime!

#Dance #FashionShow #Youth

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