Angel of the Month: Shireen Stanbull

During May 2018, we welcomed a new Angel who flew in at lightning speed and inspired our family so intensely that she was voted as the Angel of the Month after just a few weeks of making connections. Shireen Stanbull, one of our programme Fashion Designers, has taken the Angel family by storm:

1. How did you discover CAFB?

I discovered CAFB on Facebook.

2. What attracted you to the programme?

What attracted me was the workshops at first: although I have been in the industry for 16 years, there were always other people in place who did marketing, meetings with buyers etc. Starting my own brand, I needed all the knowledge and help I could get and I thought this group would be a perfect fit for me.

3. How would you describe your experience, even though you've been with CAFB for three weeks at the time of winning?

For the past few weeks, I have sort of gained a couple of new friends I would say. I can WhatsApp or email them when I'm unsure of something and right now that serves one of my core needs.

4. Who in South Africa would find your brand the perfect fit for them?

I try to reach out more often to busy career women, especially mums and women who struggle with finding their perfect fit in stores. With my experience I can draft blocks according to their measurements which is what my clients adore at the moment. I don't want women to waste time hunting down quality clothing, moving frantically from store to store, sacrificing precious time to long queues.

Some females pick up a little weight after birthing children and some have such busy careers that they don't have much time to work out. I focus on a range that still makes you feel sexy; makes you want to get up in the morning and embrace whatever the day has in store for you. When you feel good, you do good and achieve greatness. This is my wish for every client who walks through my doors.

I am really passionate about my clients getting their perfect fit the first time they come to me. I go beyond drafting blocks and actually support them with advice on how to dress in order to accentuate their best features. Similarly, I consult with my clients on the best looks as fit for the careers they're following, and the kinds of events they usually attend - it's all about working smart and keeping to budget. It's pointless overspending on clothes which aren't versatile.

5. What are your ambitions for your brand in the coming months?

Because of my experience, right now I'd like to focus on my business development more than my technical skills. I'd say social media is a huge area for me to conquer and I want to drive awareness of my brand. In order to get my name out into the market, I'll be equipping myself with skills and channels of communication that make it easier for clients to connect.

6. What would you say to other Fashion Designers who are dreaming of success in South Africa?

This career is nowhere near as easy and glamorous as it looks from the outside but at the end of the day, hard work always always pays off. If you have a gift, a talent or a vision go for it.

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