School uniforms for centenary Mandela Day celebration

We've been unsure as to whether we publish this or not - we don't want to mar the dignity of deserving students in South Africa. The reality, though, is that we need to share this with you because we're hoping to go big during July because it's the centenary celebration of Mandela Day - uTata Madiba would have turned 100 years old and if that's not something worth our collective effort, we'll never know what is.

A local school in Komga, Eastern Cape, has been in dire need of uniforms for students for a while, and donating is cool but we're about legitimate empowerment. We want to head over and do more than just hand out things and add to the number of open hands in South Africa. We want to enable the local community to manufacture the uniforms and teach students how to sew so they can work and 'earn' their uniforms, develop employable skills and even concentrate on finding related work if they do not find themselves in a favorable position to engage in tertiary education immediately after matriculating.

We are aiming to educate affected students with basic sewing skills, by partnering with local Fashion Designers in the Eastern Cape (who have already volunteered and committed to this sustainable initiative). We would appreciate your help connecting with fabric sponsors to help us roll out the very first edition of an annual project in Komga which will enable students to work with dignity and earn their uniforms, not depending on handouts or being made to feel inferior for situations out of their control as children. Remember, though, it's fabric we need and not money.

CAFB will be sponsoring the facilitation of a training workshop for the students, and a business development workshop for the local Fashion Designers who have wholeheartedly committed to helping their community self-develop. We ideally require enough fabric to manufacture as least 30 sets of school uniforms:

-30 x long sleeved school shirts

-30 x short sleeved school shirts

-30 x short sleeved school dresses

-30 x jerseys

-30 x long school pants

Please use our website contact form to let us know if you can assist with fabric. If you need more information on what thread counts we require, we'd be happy to send the details to serious benefactors and suppliers. We're thrilled about being able to implement forms of education and employment to truly empower yet another South African community, and if you're inspired to join the Angels and contribute then #Dream #Believe and #Belong and let's make this happen!

Share this blog post on all the social media and instant messaging accounts you have and let's see if we can help Komga this Mandela Day.

#MandelaDay #School #Community

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