Angels, LinkedIn. LinkedIn, Angels.

It's been a long time coming...

Angels & heroes, it brings me such joy and exhilaration to introduce to you our newest pair of wings: our official CAFB LinkedIn profile & company page!!!

Our email boxes have been flooded in recent years, with LinkedIn connection requests which we were so sad to 'mark as read' and move on from, knowing our capacity to manage yet another channel was just nowhere to be found. We've decided to spring back on all fronts, tidying up our organisational structures and shifting wholly into the mindset of social entrepreneurship. The process is never really going to end, but we might as well update you on where we're currently sitting:

We've shifted all focus away from our Pinterest account, so do yourself a favour and follow suit. Our Instagram account is brimming with beautiful pictures that epitomise the bubbly South African spirit and our Facebook page has all of our albums (yes, since 2012) so that you never miss a thing! You can relive your favourite #AngelMoments at any time, using the social media channels that keep you hip and happening (no #FOMO).

And while you're seeing Angels everywhere, take a look at the clues we've sprinkled all over the place and see if you can guess the venue for this year's fashion show. The kind of breakthroughs we're bringing your way this year is made possible by your unending love, support and proudly South African spirit. We couldn't be more proud to belong to the world's Rainbow Nation and we promise to keep flying our country's flag as high as we possibly can!

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