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So many opinions flooding the Internet - so many 'must-haves' and 'you-needs' being thrown in your face over 50 times a day and all you probably do is 'swipe left' without even noticing. Fashion at Creative Angels Fashion Benefit is about more than just 'the in thing.' It's about clearing the cobwebs from our history and reminding ourselves why love and support for each other is important. Fashion at CAFB is a way to tell a story and share your individuality with the world and enjoy sincere celebrations with your fellow Angels.

Whether you're part of the crew or a spectator at one of our coveted live fashion shows, there's simply no denying the wonder that comes with watching real Saffas strutting their stuff on the catwalk. We don't do the whole 'eat ice and drink water' regime - we're more like 'braaivleis & chakalaka if you please'. Today we're asking you for your vibe.

Head over to Instagram and tag @creativeangelsinfo in your posts with the tag #CAFB2018 - use some of the guidelines below and you could be featured in your own Angel blog:

- What instantly comes to mind when you hear 'Fashion'?

- What are you not digging about SA fashion right now?

- Be honest - does it bug you that Europe & America still use animal print to depict 'African Fashion'?

- What's your favourite brand right now? Is it South African? If we could show you a local designer whose style was similar, would you support that brand?

- Best/worst trends this season?

- What's your one wishlist item for your cupboard?

We just want to get to know you and the kind of fashion you're into - local designers want to dress you the way you want to be dressed, so how about hitting us up on Instagram using @creativeangelsinfo and #CAFB2018 in response to this blog post and let's restore our local fashion economy together?

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