Cape Town's most delicious & authentic Thai Food!

Anyone who knows us knows that we're all for celebrating the creative side of humanity. We got lucky when one of our Angels told us about his wife's Thai food stall and so we made it our mission to go and support in early May. If you haven't yet heard of the Blaauwklippen Family Market, don't even question us - just go plan a trip, like NOW! You're gonna have your taste buds treated to some magnificent treats!

We arrived a little later than we wanted to, but were greeted by the most picturesque view! It felt like a dream, driving down the Blaauwklippen Wine Farm's brick road, hearing the tyres crunch over the gravel until we found a parking space (yes, it was already busy at 10.30am which goes to show how much the locals love it) and meandering down a beautiful entryway to be greeted by a myriad of sights, smells and sounds.

Of course, eager to get to the main act, we bypassed a number of stalls selling hand crafted African artwork - a surefire way to celebrate creativity in your home or office! What we really loved was that some of the traders embraced technology and offered us Yoco point of sale machines - it was so easy to make payments and support local craftsmen and craftswomen.

At this point, Naven and I were literally poking our noses high in the air to try and sniff out the distinctive smell of Thai food among all of the delicious-looking eats in front of us. In an effort to escape the temptation to zero our bank accounts at the mere sight of it all, we ducked to the left and entered one of the old farm buildings, where a world of fancy spices, cheeses and cured meats awaited us. Gorging our senses, we had no idea of what was still to come.

We raced out another door and there we saw it: in all its glory, Nonkhai Jai Yen Thai foods beckoned us forward. Warm smiles greeted a family ahead of us in the line, and we couldn't resist a little photo opportunity. What sense is there in hiding the chance to share this delectable goodness with the world?

From the inviting smell, to the vibrant popping colours in front of us, and the delightful crunch as I bit into a spring roll (because I needed my fix while we decided what to actually eat for brunch), there wasn't a single split second of that experience that I didn't enjoy. All the samples looked fantastic, making it even harder to choose, so Naven and I went with a classic Pad Thai and elected to also sample the rice soup Jaemjan had to offer us.

Words fail me here. What ensued over the following 30 minutes of our lives involved such a burst of flavour and freshness, we sat there mesmerised, just staring at our food, wondering how we got so lucky that Doug and Jaemjan were a part of OUR Angel family. Needless to say, we wiped those bowls clean. Only once we had finished, did we even notice all the pony rides, face painting and other cool things for families to enjoy - it's as if Jaemjan's food had us in a trance-like state.

All-in-all, friendships aside, Naven and I are probably the toughest judges of Thai food and there is no way this experience was anything less than 10 out of 10. We can't believe that it took this long to go over and support our fellow Angels after all the years of their supporting our cause of youth development. What a surreal morning, from entry to exit - totally worth us even being late for the meetings that followed!

If you're looking for a culinary adventure, and especially for all the foodies out there who enjoy a good plate of Thai food, we strongly recommend that you round up all the family troops (including the dogs because what's a family day without them, and we also really dig that the organisers understand this) and head over to Blaauwklippen Family Market this Sunday (and every Sunday after that, because we know you'll love the vibe that much). A very special thank you to Doug and Jaemjan for sharing your creative culinary talents with us all!

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