Angel of the Month: Masithembe Rawe

Last month we brought back a very celebrated family concept at CAFB - Angel of the Month. Our registered Angels all received the chance to nominate and vote for who they think lived out our tagline of 'Dream. Believe. Belong.' Masithembe Rawe, one of our Model Trainees, was voted as Angel of the Month for April 2018 and we wanted to share with you the reasons why.

Masithembe is a driven yet humble young man, making waves in the creative careers industry. He has encouraged his fellow Angels without reservation and gives 100% to all of his endeavors. We're exceptionally proud to have him as a member of our Angel family and if you feel the same after reading this interview, give it a share by clicking on any of your preferred social media icons at the bottom - it's free to celebrate and support our local heroes!

1. What are you currently studying and where?

I am currently studying Sound Engineering at SAE Institute Cape Town

2. What drew you in to this field of study?

From a young age of 14, when I was still doing grade nine, I was drawn into this field because of my passion for music. I knew I could write songs, poetry and even perform but now that I have grown old I actually want to expand my wings and move into television productions as well.

3. Any social projects going on at the moment?

At the moment I am busy doing a project as part of my creativity in exploring Sound Dipper. It's all aimed at giving young boys hope and equipping them with everything they need in order to make better life choices. It's about building the right skills and the right knowledge as they head out onto their individual paths in life. The project is called "Boys run the World" - I named it that because boys, and men, have the power to change the world. I feel that we are meant to pave the way forward by fighting social injustice and working to end corruption in our country. This project exists to build the mindset that "We are taking our power back", as young men who also need to take responsibility for our homes and our actions, break the stereotypes and commonalities of thuggish behaviour. This project was also inspired by a huge number of young dropouts in my community and how they end up getting involved with drugs so I thought 'let me give back' to my community. It's certainly a rewarding experience for me.

4. How did you hear about CAFB?

I saw CAFB online and at that time they were preparing for an annual fashion show. Because I love modelling (especially runway) I thought, "Let me spread my wings with them."

5. Can you describe the experience of being with the Angels, and how it may have helped you since you joined in 2017?

For me it was a self-discovery path. I thought I understood myself but by being involved with CAFB I started see how little I actually knew about myself and my abilities and how far I could go in life.This experience has really encouraged me to fly beyond my limitations.

6. Any words of encouragement for youth across the world?

Anything you want to achieve is just around you in the universe. We attract those energies and forces so dream as much as you can and you will attract what you dream. A wise man once said "A man is but a product of his dreams" Most importantly surround yourself with people whom are accustomed to your success and genuinely want good things to keep coming to you -that is the best environment to make your dreams come true.

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