Why we choose Perana Set Design

Anyone can slap a few shiny objects down on a table and call it 'event decor' but it takes real excellence to help pull off a CAFB fashion show. Perana Set Design is our preferred event specialist because they've devoted their focus to helping us reach our goals every year since 2016. There are so many cool things to say that we hardly know where to begin!

It starts with a full scope of the venue, as we did with Director, Naven Rajah, during the first week in May. If you watched us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you would have followed us through some of Cape Town's finest venues, learned about surprise contenders and even had the chance to guess the venue. Naven went above and beyond by stretching an early finish to cover more venues - let's not forget to mention that some of these places were straight out of fairytales. Cape Town, we're blessed to be a part of your artistic atmosphere!

Usually people don't enjoy the questioning phase but we have to confess: we loved it. Naven guided us toward a visualisation of each of the unique spaces he introduced us to on the dedicated day of site visits, and got us super psyched to get the show on the road. Being able to close your eyes and imagine something is great, but to feel the vibration of the space with your Angels inside, hearing the roar of the national anthem and almost mouthing it out loud when being asked if the show would work there - it's pure magic.

Once the venue is done, Naven and his team draft a personalised project plan which outlines exactly how they will support the vision of a perfect event. We've worked so well together over the years that we've become accustomed to the ongoing guidance and help, and in fact we don't know how we would survive without it!

Covering everything from event staffing, liaising with and selecting the ideal caterers, down to hand crafting paper flowers and building fresh bouquets just to give our shows a special touch - we have been treated to top notch service for three years and we can't wait to see what the team does with our 2018 theme of Breakthroughs at the fairytale venue: One & Only Cape Town.

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