A Retreat to top them all - you've got to join me!

Even as I type this, my fingers are trembling with sheer excitement. Since October 2016, when I first sat among an audience of game-changers, listening to Mahatria Ra's profound wisdom, I have relished the thought of a second experience. Having actioned a number of items, with the inner strength and courage that I drew from my time with Mahatria, I have seen such an abundance of positive change:

1. I feel and sense an increase in my confidence of my own abilities: intellectual, emotional and spiritual

2. I have reflected upon moments in which that very same confidence has become a pillar of strength for those around me

3. I have expanded my perspective, and been able to connect with even more people and inspire the best in them

4. I have overcome challenges of life, that I never would have imagined even existed in the first place

5. My existing relationships with people have come under examination, for the better, and I have improved the caliber of person I engage with, which has also had a remarkable impact on my productivity and inner drive

6. I have been able to form new relationships with a deeper understanding and consideration of the path that others walk on

I could really go on for quite a bit longer about it, but where's the sense in telling you where I've gained, when I could be telling you how to benefit from all of this for yourself, and the people you love most...

Prior to my engagement with Mahatria, I had believed that I needed to achieve certain things in my life to prove to other people that I was competent, and able to hold my own. Whether it was family members, friends who started to show concern over my ability to cope with stress, old teachers who did or didn't believe that I had what it took to succeed, former employers who might have thought little of me - I was entrenched in the belief that getting a better job, earning a higher salary and being able to live a certain lifestyle would eliminate the judgment coming from them.

What I learned in those few hours changed the rest of my life. I walked out of that session feeling so inspired, so much lighter - like he personally lifted every burden from my soul - and ready to take control of my own destiny. Mahatria awakened something inside of me that I hoped would be there, and he found it and turned a spark into a roaring flame. I felt that my life had a greater purpose, and all of the little things I had accomplished in previous years suddenly mattered and made sense, as if they were building me up to this pivotal point in my life when I could dig deeper than ever before, and enlighten myself with my own potential to change the world.

With a smile and aura that could light up the universe, he spent his time on stage pushing every mental, emotional and spiritual boundary that I held for myself. He did it with grace, with flair, with tact and poise and he made it count. Those few hours were some of the best I've lived, and now we have the chance to spend two entire days with this living legend. Words don't give me enough power to emphasise what an opportunity this is, for all of us. If you want to take control of your own destiny, and learn how to balance work and life, spiritualism and materialism, peace and progress,, and so much more, then you need to make this investment, just like I have.

This is your chance to bring out the best in yourself, for yourself and for the people you love most. Don't let it pass you by. Click here to transform the rest of your life.

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