Fashion for change: Cape Town, are you ready?

None of us is a stranger to the headlines: our country's economy faces a number of intense challenges. Our currency has done a number of nose dives in recent months and years. Our leadership is embroiled in battles concerning frightening truths, and those include the unemployment numbers in our country. Now imagine if you had a chance to turn this country's fate around...

Creative Angels Fashion Benefit, since 2012, has been providing a platform which lets every ambitious South African find a place in bringing our beautiful country out of social darkness. Youth are given the freedom and encouragement to discover their creative talents, some even forging a creative career from our training programmes. Our greatest successes have been watching our Angels find their confidence and their calling after attending our sessions.

Until now, no other local platform has offered the kind of opportunity for youth to let go of their fears, ask all the questions they want and find a sense of family while taking control of how they shape their own lives. As we head toward the CAFB 2017, at the Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers, we know that we are lifting our communities one Angel at a time.

Being part of the CAFB audience gives you an elite status, you see, because you're doing something that makes a tangible difference in someone's life. You're giving hope to the young lady who lives in the heart of the informal settlement, dreaming about the day someone will notice her. You're proving you acknowledge the young men who are determined to become better role models than the ones they grew up without.

You're helping youth make better choices: choices to nurture artistic talents instead of facing the pressure of socially destructive behaviour. You're proving that if our youth take that leap of faith and put themselves out there, that you'll be there to support them and reassure them that they're on the right path to a prosperous future. We can't give hope to our nation's youth without you.

If there's one way you'd like to make a difference, and actually witness just how big of a difference it is, join us at the CAFB 2017 and let's live out the true South African spirit for the benefit of our youth. It takes a village to raise a child, after all.

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