Our youth are counting on you

Don't pretend you haven't noticed the mall prices rising, the grocery stores advertising 'specials' at rates that were considered normal only a few months ago, or the fact that it costs twice as much to just fuel up and visit family on the weekends. We see the same headlines that you do, and we've got the solution. There's just one thing: it's not going to work without you joining the movement.

Our youth and our economy are both depending on you to make better choices on how and where you spend your money. Did you know that buying a ticket to the CAFB 2017 will help us provide casual employment to youth, and to give business to local suppliers and service providers who use that income, in turn, to keep the employment chain going and to pay for school fees, meals and other social projects? That's right: supporting a programme and event like ours isn't funding a billionaire's third holiday home on a blue-flag beach: it's doing your bit to keep our youth engaged in something worthwhile.

With a brand new event venue, the luxurious Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers, the stage is set to welcome youth talent who are guaranteed to blow your mind! We've gone to great lengths to change up the scenery and produce a show you will enjoy, from the moment you step foot inside the grand foyer. You will witness the hard work and passion, commitment and ambition that our nation's youth pride themselves on, and stand the chance to win exquisite prizes and rub shoulders with some of South Africa's most humble and successful artistic entrepreneurs.

Your attendance and presence, your constant support on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your sincere belief that we can do and be better as a country is what drives our entire family forward every day. Without you, there is no us. Without you, our youth are lost.

We're pulling out all the stops to give you a fabulous show, and we're really hoping to share the journey to a prosperous South Africa with you all. We know that R320pp is a huge ask for a ticket price, but there are amazing prizes to be won and we guarantee that you're going to experience the best night of your year. Having you with us means we're all in this together, supporting our youth who have chosen to engage with arts and creativity instead of substance abuse and violence.

Follow us on Instagram or keep up with all the show news via our Facebook event page; check out the Quicket page to book tickets through their website or even drop us a line if you'd like to block-book seats and want a better rate. This is one ideal way to treat your staff to an extraordinary display of South African talent, while making a monumental difference to fellow community members.

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