Buy experiences, not things.

Everywhere we look, we're being told to don the smartest watch, to wield the most high-tech smartphone, to max out our credit cards because we can't dare be seen wearing a brand that nobody knows. Be honest, now, do those things really make you happy? Do you spend your last few moments at night, before you fall asleep, thanking your higher power for the brand names around you?

If you do, then you don't need to read further, but if you're like many of us and you instead fall asleep thinking about special people or moments, then you need to know we're here. We understand that you're just trying to keep your head above the water, on most days, and that you want freedom above all else. Freedom to spend time with your loved ones, doing whatever you love to do most and enjoying each other, making memories that will last lifetimes.

This is why we don't sell 'things' but rather 'opportunity', which can't be found in many places today. And when we're selling you this opportunity, your money's also helping us create a better life for young South Africans elsewhere. When you join us at an event, or you buy something from our online store, you're not just buying something made to be cheap and nasty - you're buying something made with love, care and pride, that builds opportunity for other people.

Think about your favourite moments in life. They're likely to be a memory of a family holiday, the birth of a child, your wedding day, your graduation, the day you bought your first car for yourself. It wasn't the car that made you as happy as it was the fact that you did it for yourself, by yourself. That's what we're about. So, when you're looking for a gift to give a loved one, take a look on our online store and see what you can give, that will matter the most.

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