Good grades vs. happiness

We are drilled with the cliche of going to school, getting good grades so that we can get to college where we stress over getting the same grades to get a job in an environment that pays us, even if we're not happy, so that we can live, have kids and teach them the same thing before we leave this world. What if there was a way to find true joy in every day, and it didn't depend on a 90% aggregate?

There is no doubt that education matters, but the usefulness of what we teach, how we teach and whether our students leave our classrooms inspired to learn more beyond those walls is coming into question more and more often in today's world. After all, don't we all just want to be happy? And don't we want the same for our children?

The benefit of a programme like the CAFB is that people of all ages can come together to meet other unique and interesting individuals. People are allowed to be different and have opinions that don't always overlap or align. This kind of tolerance lets everyone, especially youth, feel relaxed and less stressed - there is no pressure to have one single element define every aspect of one's life.

We don't see colour. Where we started and where we are today are a testament to the beautiful diversity within South Africa, and how a multicultural fabric can strengthen the community and bring out the best in each of its members. Everyone can actually enter a space where they are not labelled or judged.

The most crucial thing is that the activities we offer, and the events we host, allow for this multicultural fabric to display itself as something truly extraordinary. There are skills to be learned: behavioural, communication, professional skills that can change the way a person looks at himself/herself and define his/her future. What we actually provide is a safe space to explore talent and develop confidence therein.

We're not here to latch on and hold people back. We're here to welcome everyone for as long as they feel they need to be with us to learn about themselves, their abilities and their ambitions. We're here to support and accept each other, to celebrate each other and work together for the common goal of building a brighter future for our youth. That is the spirit of Ubuntu, the spirit of South Africa and the spirit of our Angels.

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