Fashion Model Training

Our Fashion Model Training programmes are geared toward bringing out the highest levels of self-confidence for our clients, while equipping them with the essential skills of walking and speaking with confidence.

We host our events on Saturdays so that our clients can balance work or school with their time in our programmes and accelerate their transformation toward a more confident and life-ready version of themselves.

Every programme offers a payment plan for you to make your investment easier to manage, and there's no limit to how many times you can enroll. We're here to help you make progress in life from exactly where you are right now, so leave your details if you'd like to register for our transformational Model Training programme and one of our Angels will be in contact.

Leave your details for one of our Angels to contact you soon.

Bronze Package

Starting price

A short, sweet and jam-packed experience for young men and women who want to build confidence and learn how to present themselves with an irresistible sense of appeal - just like a runway supermodel!


This programme kicks off with a fun-filled production meeting where everyone gets to meet each other ahead of our fashion show. Guys and gals will get three months to train on Saturdays and participate in an internationally recognised fashion show which promotes emerging South African brands.:

  • 12 professional practical runway model training sessions

  • Professional catalogue photo shoot in studio

  • Custom fit designer looks for the runway

  • Hair stylists provided

  • Make-up artists provided

Silver Package

Starting price
R1 500pp

A six month part time programme for young men and women who are curious to experience the fashion model lifestyle while building lifelong skills like speaking and walking with confidence, presenting a stronger character and legalities of contracts and assignments. 


A good mix of specialised workshops, practical sessions and supporting frameworks are included in this mid-level version of our model training programme. Clients can expect:





  • Confidence building workshop

  • Deportment & etiquette training

  • Introduction to industry standards

  • Runway theory (understanding floorplans, circuits & set design)

  • Understanding assignments & contracts

Gold Package

Starting price
R4 000pp

For the more focused aspiring fashion model, our 12 month programme offers the benefit of year-round intake and the most holistic platform for aspiring fashion models. No height restrictions, no previous experience required.


This programme is all about breaking through life’s barriers and helping you become the best version of yourself. You’ll enjoy it if you’re hungry for change, determined to be recognised for your individual talent and vision, and want to break into a creative career as a model, actor or presenter.





  • Photographic model training (during photo shoot in studio)

  • Professional Z card & head shots

  • Nutritional education

  • Physical fitness & ways to work out at home

"CAFB has helped me with so much of my insecurities."

- 2018 Male Model Trainee

"I appreciate all the help I'm getting from CAFB and one day I hope I'll grow and also have an organization that's going to help people like me. I am so grateful,
thank you so much."

- Ingar Qwede, Model & Actor

"I feel blessed and special since I became part of this family, may God open more doors of these Angels."

- Sibusisiwe Ntisa,
  Female Model Trainee

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