Mark Johnson: Man of many talents to host #CAFB2018

South Africa is growing as a point of intense focus for the rest of the world, and some of that attention can be attributed to our nation's creative talent. Take Mark Johnson, for example: a young man who follows his creative passion without fear or hesitation. Driven by his love and pride of his South African heritage, this talented all-rounder will be taking you, our show guests, on a journey through the very best of South African talent at #CAFB2018. Folks, if you still haven't secured your seats, now would be the time! Mark's life is a glorious tapestry of creative activities, with everything from professional commercial modelling and acting (managed by Twenty Management), to radio prese

All South Africa needs is LOVE

We just wanted to leave this here, to sprinkle a little love and happiness all over your Heritage Week, and prove that the spirit of Ubuntu is stronger than it has ever been before. It's the highest honour and privilege to live out the values of integrity, compassion and discipline every day, and to know that by inviting youth from outlying communities into the heart of artistic industries, instead of keeping them shut out, is making a radical difference. Helderberg Child Welfare is our 2018 beneficiary, and we've had a blast working with them so far. If you want to make a magical difference to the life of a young aspiring artist, please click here to book your tickets and meet the future le

Angel of the Month: Ednecia Kleynhans

Once an Angel and a pair of wings unite, they never really part ways. This is something like the story of Ednecia Kleynhans who has grown from strength to strength through our programme, now in her third year with us. Ednecia won the coveted title of Angel of the Year 2017 and has been democratically voted as Angel of the Month for August 2018 by her peers. We caught up with Ednecia shortly after her most recent rehearsal to give you the inside scoop: 1. How did you discover CAFB and what has the experience been like for you since you joined? I discovered CAFB through a former designer - this is actually my 3rd consecutive year with the team. I was very shy at first but being a member of the

Free kids entertainment at #CAFB2018

Forget about the stress and costs of hiring babysitters, being dropped at the last minute and panicking about your child's safety: #CAFB2018 is partnering with the qualified, experienced and praised team behind Cape Town's unique Dial-A-Sitter service to offer show guests a free kids entertainment corner just a few steps away from the runway action. We understand the risks involved with leaving your tots behind and we're sensitive to the concerns across the globe, of the safety of children. We wanted to make the Angel experience worthwhile for the entire family and so we've partnered with professionals to build a magical experience for the mini-Angels coming along to the show. A true Fashion

Moonfyre Designs to headline at #CAFB2018

Delicious things are bubbling under the surface at CAFB, and one of them is a local fashion brand recently introduced as Moonfyre Designs. Doug Carlson, of Mira 9 and formerly an ArchAngel within our Production Unit, is taking fashion out of this world - almost literally! Moonfyre resembles true diversity, offering everything from swimwear and beachwear to smart casual looks which easily dress up or down for convenience. One thing we haven't yet mentioned is the brand's value for easy wardrobe care, because no fashionista has time to stress over her laundry! We love the thought and care going into making high quality, comfortable clothing you can enjoy on any scene, and you can be one of the

How can fashion change the future of our country?

Since 2012 we have hosted South Africa's most unique fashion-forward platform by using every bit of attention we got for our rising runway stars and entrepreneurs to highlight some kind of social issue that needs attention. As we approach the seventh edition of the Creative Angels Fashion Benefit, we welcome the Helderberg Child Welfare branch into our audience for a very special experience that only fashion can provide. Will you be there to make history with us, and with the future leaders of our nation? We're honoured to have two young dreamers and beneficiaries of the HCW accompany Senior Counsellor, Elsie, to our life-changing event at One&Only Cape Town, where their favourite stars ofte

Body Rock is back for #CAFB2018!

Our guests oooo'd and aaaaah'd their way through some exquisite dance performances by the Body Rock School of Performing Arts in 2017, and with everything building up to the One&Only Cape Town edition, there is SO much more to look forward to! This award-winning troupe knows how to balance fun, skill and a great work ethic - they're living, breathing, dancing proof that you CAN do what you love when you feel like doing it! Given that 2018 has been a year of breakthroughs for the Angels, there's no doubt in our minds that these young budding stars are gearing up for the show of a lifetime! What makes this dance school all the more special is that its owners, Hayli & Kim Travice, extend opport

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