Angel of the Month: Sade Pheta

We're getting used to this rhythm of celebration. It's a wonderful thing, to come together as Angels to cherish the good things in life, and great people like Sade who was democratically voted as the Angel of the Month for June 2018. Sade's been with us since 2017 and she's carved a distinct niche for herself in the landscape that is Arts & Culture. We're exceptionally proud of the way in which she radiates love, peace and encouragement outward toward others so we wanted to introduce her to you through this interview: 1. How did you come across CAFB and what stood out to you about the programme? I found out about CAFB from social media and what I loved and attracted me to it is that it wasn'

Reflecting on Youth Month 2018

All fundamentally unique organisations with one common purpose: to brighten the canvas of our Rainbow Nation to its maximum capacity.

Karma is real. Be kind.

I've been grappling with this one for weeks now. I didn't know how to express my thoughts so I settled for giving the blog a very raw emotional tone today. I'm not celebrating this, but sometimes I can't help but think God is the ultimate Avenger (sorry Marvel) and I was meant to see and experience certain things. I have no control over when or how it all happens. I just spectate and appreciate. I'm sure that some of you can relate and I'd love to hear your stories so please use our contact form when you're done reading this and share with me your stories of vindication and karmic law. My memory is something my brother will tell you is hard to beat. Sadly, some of my most vivid memories are

Why we choose Perana Set Design

Anyone can slap a few shiny objects down on a table and call it 'event decor' but it takes real excellence to help pull off a CAFB fashion show. Perana Set Design is our preferred event specialist because they've devoted their focus to helping us reach our goals every year since 2016. There are so many cool things to say that we hardly know where to begin! It starts with a full scope of the venue, as we did with Director, Naven Rajah, during the first week in May. If you watched us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you would have followed us through some of Cape Town's finest venues, learned about surprise contenders and even had the chance to guess the venue. Naven went above and beyond by

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