Angel of the Month: Shireen Stanbull

During May 2018, we welcomed a new Angel who flew in at lightning speed and inspired our family so intensely that she was voted as the Angel of the Month after just a few weeks of making connections. Shireen Stanbull, one of our programme Fashion Designers, has taken the Angel family by storm: 1. How did you discover CAFB? I discovered CAFB on Facebook. 2. What attracted you to the programme? What attracted me was the workshops at first: although I have been in the industry for 16 years, there were always other people in place who did marketing, meetings with buyers etc. Starting my own brand, I needed all the knowledge and help I could get and I thought this group would be a perfect fit for

School uniforms for centenary Mandela Day celebration

We've been unsure as to whether we publish this or not - we don't want to mar the dignity of deserving students in South Africa. The reality, though, is that we need to share this with you because we're hoping to go big during July because it's the centenary celebration of Mandela Day - uTata Madiba would have turned 100 years old and if that's not something worth our collective effort, we'll never know what is. A local school in Komga, Eastern Cape, has been in dire need of uniforms for students for a while, and donating is cool but we're about legitimate empowerment. We want to head over and do more than just hand out things and add to the number of open hands in South Africa. We want to e

Angels, LinkedIn. LinkedIn, Angels.

It's been a long time coming... Angels & heroes, it brings me such joy and exhilaration to introduce to you our newest pair of wings: our official CAFB LinkedIn profile & company page!!! Our email boxes have been flooded in recent years, with LinkedIn connection requests which we were so sad to 'mark as read' and move on from, knowing our capacity to manage yet another channel was just nowhere to be found. We've decided to spring back on all fronts, tidying up our organisational structures and shifting wholly into the mindset of social entrepreneurship. The process is never really going to end, but we might as well update you on where we're currently sitting: We've shifted all focus away fro

Fashion Fundis: have your say

So many opinions flooding the Internet - so many 'must-haves' and 'you-needs' being thrown in your face over 50 times a day and all you probably do is 'swipe left' without even noticing. Fashion at Creative Angels Fashion Benefit is about more than just 'the in thing.' It's about clearing the cobwebs from our history and reminding ourselves why love and support for each other is important. Fashion at CAFB is a way to tell a story and share your individuality with the world and enjoy sincere celebrations with your fellow Angels. Whether you're part of the crew or a spectator at one of our coveted live fashion shows, there's simply no denying the wonder that comes with watching real Saffas str

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