Cape Town's most delicious & authentic Thai Food!

Anyone who knows us knows that we're all for celebrating the creative side of humanity. We got lucky when one of our Angels told us about his wife's Thai food stall and so we made it our mission to go and support in early May. If you haven't yet heard of the Blaauwklippen Family Market, don't even question us - just go plan a trip, like NOW! You're gonna have your taste buds treated to some magnificent treats! We arrived a little later than we wanted to, but were greeted by the most picturesque view! It felt like a dream, driving down the Blaauwklippen Wine Farm's brick road, hearing the tyres crunch over the gravel until we found a parking space (yes, it was already busy at 10.30am which go

Angel of the Month: Masithembe Rawe

Last month we brought back a very celebrated family concept at CAFB - Angel of the Month. Our registered Angels all received the chance to nominate and vote for who they think lived out our tagline of 'Dream. Believe. Belong.' Masithembe Rawe, one of our Model Trainees, was voted as Angel of the Month for April 2018 and we wanted to share with you the reasons why. Masithembe is a driven yet humble young man, making waves in the creative careers industry. He has encouraged his fellow Angels without reservation and gives 100% to all of his endeavors. We're exceptionally proud to have him as a member of our Angel family and if you feel the same after reading this interview, give it a share by c

It starts with us

So, recently, our team went looking for a suitable school to partner with us for a Youth Month project. I'm not of the belief that I need to share the school name so I'll focus on the principles. We developed a proposal that offered Grade 12 students the chance to engage with fashion design and modelling as potential avenues of career, following completion of Matric. As per the usual, we offered our time, our expertise and to cover the costs associated with the project. Anyone who has ever attended a CAFB workshop, or a live event, knows full well that we strive to represent the spirit of Ubuntu every day. We genuinely want good things for people. Apart from the run-around that Devashnie got

Working remotely: a guide for entrepreneurs

Corporate or commercial property prices are climbing, and in 2017 we saw evidence that Cape Town's CBD became too costly for the bulk of working class South Africans who earned a living in the same space. The 'work from home' model seems to be on the rise, but there are bullets to dodge when building a business and today we'll take a look at the pros and cons of working remotely. Since 2012, we've run remotely ourselves so you can be sure that we're speaking from personal experience. Let's stick to four of the basic business objectives, shall we? Beginning with improving productivity. The traditional 8-5 employment model is losing its effectiveness. Apart from traffic woes, we've come to und

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