Matric: two schools of thought

South Africans face some of the toughest challenges in the world, especially youth in developing communities. We've seen the headlines and we've visited the communities in need. We know there are schools without books, desks and chairs, windows, and some even without walls, but still there rises a number of academic stars who commit their hearts and souls to journeys that seem so different from what many others in their shoes will walk. We believe that this is because there are two schools of thought about the experience we call 'Matric'. One of these, we believe to be the dominant way of thinking, is that Matric can be the difference between life and death. All of the opportunities and pote

Employee vs. Entrepreneur: which way to go?

Big businesses in South Africa often come with rules, regulations and codes of conduct that don't fully align with employees' personal ambitions. Sure, if you're management, maybe you fit in with what the company aspires to, but if you're a worker bee there is a very high chance that you're just a number. The problem is those bills - those pesky bills - if you don't sacrifice your daily joys for at least 8 or 9 hours, where are you going to find financial security? Being a young South African means being faced with the incredibly tough choice of choosing employment or toughing it out in entrepreneurship. Yes, the promises are great, but the red tape behind building a business seems to do mor

VAT Increase has no effect on CAFB Memberships FYE2018

Since the 2018 Budget, South Africans have been justifiably stressed. We're going to need more money to get by, afford basic hygiene and nutrition, not to mention healthcare. Taxes go up and place so much pressure on us, often further intensifying crime because people become more and more desperate. With this in mind, we have made the decision to preserve our existing price list until 31 July 2018. Our aim is to open earning opportunities to more youth this year, meaning that we're investigating different pricing models to bring down the financial pressure while still being able to provide the best quality of professional training and skill building. Our core focus will still remain model tr

Perana Set Design's saving you time & money!

Perana Set Design is known as one of South Africa's most cost-effective Event Co-Ordinators & Decor Specialists, and for good reason. Here's an offer you can't resist: R11 500 for a fully set-up venue of your choice, for 100 guests. This is the perfect opportunity to host birthday parties, family reunions, engagements, prayer ceremonies and more. If you prefer the outdoors, chat to the Perana Set Design team about marquee decor and some of the most desirable settings you can book. Booking this offer from Perana Set Design comes with its terms and conditions, of course, but nothing out of the ordinary: a fully refundable breakage deposit and full payment upfront are required to secure this ba

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