Breathe life into your label

The cost of living is going up steadily in South Africa, and running a Fashion Business is a mammoth task. For the gutsy, bold and ambitious creatives out there, times seem tough. But what to do, if you want to avoid the dreaded 9-5 (8-5 if we're being honest) and grow your home-studio into a respected Fashion Business? You register with Creative Angels Fashion Benefit. Graduates, dressmakers, pattern makers, tailors, self-taught dreamers: we are here for you! If you can close your eyes and picture your garments up on the runway, being photographed in a studio, advertised online and admired by communities around the world, this is the platform that will help you get there. Develop your basic

When to invest in your soul

Today is not about a financial plan or a blueprint to get rich quickly. The kind of investment I'm talking about right now is your own investment in yourself: your personal development, your emotional stability, your intellectual growth. Sometimes the investment comes at a price, but that can mean time, too, not just money. What I want to touch on today is knowing when to invest in your soul. We're nearly at the end of the first quarter of the calendar year, and how many of us have made progress on that 'big change' we promised ourselves in December? If you're still stuck in traffic for 4 hours of your day, pumping your system with caffeine so you can try to stay on top of your A-game for so

A Retreat to top them all - you've got to join me!

Even as I type this, my fingers are trembling with sheer excitement. Since October 2016, when I first sat among an audience of game-changers, listening to Mahatria Ra's profound wisdom, I have relished the thought of a second experience. Having actioned a number of items, with the inner strength and courage that I drew from my time with Mahatria, I have seen such an abundance of positive change: 1. I feel and sense an increase in my confidence of my own abilities: intellectual, emotional and spiritual 2. I have reflected upon moments in which that very same confidence has become a pillar of strength for those around me 3. I have expanded my perspective, and been able to connect with even mor

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