sugar&CYANIDE sweetens up #CAFB2017

For the third consecutive year, sugar&CYANIDE headlines the Creative Angels Fashion Benefit, and wow, is Head Designer, Adrienne Walker, bringing the heat! sugar&CYANIDE first sprinkled the CAFB with its presence in 2013 as a line label, and since then, Miss Walker has branched out into custom bridal gowns and menswear (upon request). Her top-notch designs have seen her clients come back over and over again, and it's not hard to see why: Every sugar stepping out on the town can take pride in knowing they've snatched up one of the best designer brands South Africa has to offer. Whether you're shopping the runway look or customising your own style of sweetness with the Sugar on Top, you can re

What makes our Angels fly...

There is no linear path to success. These are the words, and the thought, which often crosses the mind of the most successful people in the world. Where we begin, where we think we're headed, and what actually happens thereafter are not always in line with each other. But what makes us keep placing one foot in front of the other? What makes us want to keep trying, despite the failures, flaws and difficulties? Why do we persist in our efforts to help others, when we sometimes feel like we're drowning, ourselves? Today we explore what makes Angels fly... I'm a pretty simple person, most days, but as with any other human being, there is a more complicated side to me. In applying for recognition

A tale of Tricia's Tailoring

Tricia Solomon is one of the most remarkable Angels we have had the joy of welcoming into our family. As a Fashion Designer, she creates the most gorgeous pieces and her workmanship is out of this world! Even beyond the industry challenges, Tricia has overcome many personal obstacles and has inspired hundreds of our show guests and fellow Angels to keep fighting the good fight and never give up on their dreams! We bring you an exclusive interview with this mesmerising mind - enjoy!!! 1. Let's jump right in, shall we? Can you walk us through some of your toughest challenges as a design professional? Well, my journey began in 1994. I had completed 3 years of a National Qualification at CPUT an

We love when Angels spread their wings!

We last spoke about Perana Set Design when news broke that they would be sponsoring the Phoenix Child Welfare Sahara Women's Shelter fundraiser in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. Well, we've got the exclusive pics of the set-up for you, and we're going to brag so get ready! It started out with a simple stage design for a Women's Month event, in the final week of August. Perana Set Design draped a basic (yet oh, so appealing) stage for the hardworking team, who absolutely adored having a beautiful setting to spend their programme in. Then the hard work really began, and our Angel didn't back down: Transforming the Phoenix Youth Centre into a palatial space, fit for every guest of the Sahara Shelter's

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