This is how we save South Africa

We know there are a lot of events you could choose to be at on Saturday 11 November 2017, but we're hoping you'll choose ours for a number of reasons. You see, when you buy a CAFB ticket, you're not buying a ticket which plants more money in the bank accounts of the rich and famous: you're helping us save South Africa. This simple chart explains how: The first step is to buy your ticket. You can do this easily by debit card, credit card or through wire transfer (EFT) via our CAFB website. Safe and secure payments mean quick, easy and painless transactions. Another option available to you is the trusted ticket retailer: Quicket. Click here to head over to the event profile and grab your ticke

Our youth are counting on you

Don't pretend you haven't noticed the mall prices rising, the grocery stores advertising 'specials' at rates that were considered normal only a few months ago, or the fact that it costs twice as much to just fuel up and visit family on the weekends. We see the same headlines that you do, and we've got the solution. There's just one thing: it's not going to work without you joining the movement. Our youth and our economy are both depending on you to make better choices on how and where you spend your money. Did you know that buying a ticket to the CAFB 2017 will help us provide casual employment to youth, and to give business to local suppliers and service providers who use that income, in tu

Perana Set Design helps raise funds

Our trusted event specialists at Perana Set Design have embarked on a special journey to help a crucial non-profit organisation raise funds for their operations. The Phoenix Child and Family Welfare Women's Group celebrates their 10th year of existence, with an exquisite Royal Banquet at the Phoenix Youth Centre on 3 September 2017. Presenting the chance to dress up and enjoy a spectacular programme of entertainment, along with a tantalising buffet dinner, the Royal Banquet tickets are now on sale through Phoenix Child and Family Welfare. At a donation to the NPO, of just R200pp, you could treat yourself and your loved ones to a night worth every rand. Event decor will be sponsored by Perana

Why do we start with our national anthem?

Every year since 2012 we have hosted events which begin by everyone singing the South African National Anthem, Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika. It seems cheesy and over-the-top to some people, but let's take a moment to explore why we do this... South Africa's history is riddled with oppression, suffering and torture of millions of people, and equally, the emerging spirit of Ubuntu: the spirit that encapsulates what our people truly are: brave, loving and filled with potential to overcome all obstacles. CAFB's core driver of existence is to behave as a platform that helps those who need it, to overcome challenges they face in today's cultural, economic and social climates. The very hardship which sha

Angels, like you've never seen them!

Staring at our schedules for the next few months, our Producers and participants can't help but glow with sincere excitement. August 2017 marks our first month trading as an official organisation, whereas in the past five years we've virtually just been an unidentifiable feel-good opportunity (yes, we just called ourselves a UFO). With our new virtual office in Century City, coupled with a show date at the glamorous Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers, we've just taken opportunity to the next level. So, what's in it for you? As an audience member, you're getting to rub shoulders with South Africa's next generation of creative talent and influencers. Keep an eye on our official event page

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