What do Angels do? #SneakPeek

Ok, so you may have glimpsed our drip feed of images in our latest Facebook album, but did you see what actually happened? Let's walk you through a photoshoot day in the life of an official Angel... One by one, Angels arrived at the heavenly Cape Town Marriott Crystal Towers Hotel. The world class architecture, coupled with the newly renovated fixtures and fittings in the Orah Bar & Lounge, impressed every pair of eyes that floated in through the magnificent entrance. To get the day started the right way, everyone was treated to a hot cuppa anything they fancied, and WOW was the service outstanding! After warming up, good and proper, our extremely talented make-up and hair crew got to work.

It's time!

Do you ever scan your social feeds, watching people live their lives to the fullest, and just wish you had the chance to do the same? Do you sometimes look at your surroundings and then close your eyes and imagine an entirely different world altogether? Maybe you've doodled your biggest hopes and dreams down on notepads throughout the most boring classes and lectures. Life doesn't have to be one constant wish. It's possible to step into a space that makes you feel great while you learn new skills at the same time - trust us! If you want the right kind of change, it's time to treat yourself to the magic of CAFB. Transform the way you feel about your future, build the self-confident foundation

Where our Angels get their wings

We've been in existence since 2012, and Mira 9 Group has been our resident model agency since 2013. Thanks to their outstanding professional services, we've been blessed enough to help first-timers and aspiring fashion models achieve their dreams of walking at prestigious fashion shows. Owner, Doug Carlson, gives 100% every day to helping everyone improve. The division of M9 which we work with the most has to be Mira 9 Model Management. Doug has helped some of our Angels land commercials and walk at Cape Town Fashion Week (CTFW) - something they previously thought was impossible. His thorough understanding of the professional industry, coupled with his humble and genuine approach has been a

The life of an 'MUA'

We've been so privileged to work with some of the best in the business. Every now and then we're even more privileged to hear back from our Angels who have grown their wings and soared off into the record books. Today we're sharing with you, what counts the most, feedback from a former student of The Make-Up Issue & Angel, Davin Pillay. Q: Make-up, and all things entertainment actually, is a very competitive industry. What inspired you to study the trade professionally? A: Like you said, it's a really competitive industry. Everybody wants to stand out, create trends and be a success. When I was young I would steal my mum’s make-up and apply it on myself. Once my A-Levels were complete, I too

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