Where are SA's fashion designers?

We've got just TWO slots left for the coveted CAFB Annual Photoshoot, set in the newly upgraded Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers (Cape Town). This means that two aspiring fashion designers can have their garments professionally documented for just R100 - this includes models, stylists, professional photography AND publicity worth over R1500! If you are or you know a dressmaker - matric dance dresses, bridal gowns, haute couture and more - share this post and get in touch today. We want to catapult you and your label to great heights, and the adventure begins now! #CreativeAngelsFashionBenefit #Fashion #FashionDesigners #Dressmakers #MatricDancedresses #Bridaldesigns #Couture #CapeTown

Buy experiences, not things.

Everywhere we look, we're being told to don the smartest watch, to wield the most high-tech smartphone, to max out our credit cards because we can't dare be seen wearing a brand that nobody knows. Be honest, now, do those things really make you happy? Do you spend your last few moments at night, before you fall asleep, thanking your higher power for the brand names around you? If you do, then you don't need to read further, but if you're like many of us and you instead fall asleep thinking about special people or moments, then you need to know we're here. We understand that you're just trying to keep your head above the water, on most days, and that you want freedom above all else. Freedom t

Why creativity can cure depression

As the Founder of this concept, model, group, organisation, family and whatever other label people use to define us, I have to make one thing clear: the CAFB is truly my happy place. It's a space that was created so that nobody would feel unwanted, unappreciated or unable to achieve greatness. Speaking from experience, depression and anxiety are truly horrible, and impact upon every relationship, emotional and mental stability, self-esteem and so much more. Contrary to popular belief, having wealth and intelligence doesn't make anyone immune, either. The reality is that today, more and more successful people are taking their own lives because they feel they don't fit in. Scour the headlines

Good grades vs. happiness

We are drilled with the cliche of going to school, getting good grades so that we can get to college where we stress over getting the same grades to get a job in an environment that pays us, even if we're not happy, so that we can live, have kids and teach them the same thing before we leave this world. What if there was a way to find true joy in every day, and it didn't depend on a 90% aggregate? There is no doubt that education matters, but the usefulness of what we teach, how we teach and whether our students leave our classrooms inspired to learn more beyond those walls is coming into question more and more often in today's world. After all, don't we all just want to be happy? And don't

Do you even 'Love Baking'?

Shawwaal Jardien delighted guests at the #UrbanStreet Fashion Show in November 2016 - her samples were delectable and by the end of the show, there were hardly even any crumbs left behind! CAFB is big on local business support, and we love that so many brands keep coming together to celebrate the best in fellow South Africans. The next time you're planning a bash at home or another venue (that permits own catering), we highly recommend you check out Love Baking! Visit the Love Baking catalogue on the CAFB online store to order from Shawwaal's best-selling range and enquire more about your event needs. #ShawwaalJardien #LoveBaking #CAFB #FashionShow #Catering #Localbusiness #SouthAfricans

The Make-Up Issue

Abie Viljoen and his team of superstar stylists first began their relationship with the CAFB for the #UrbanStreet Fashion Show in November 2016. Since then, The Make-Up Issue has continued their support for our programme by conducting a second make-up demonstration for attendees at our Model Workshop, co-sponsored by Mira 9, sugar&CYANIDE, Steve Miller Photography, City Varsity Cape Town and Photography Department. The Make-Up Issue offers courses in professional make-up for all occasions, from film set make-up, special effects (scars and wounds) and theatre characters to photo shoots, weddings and more. Their services also extend to traditional styling and hairdressing on set. We're so grat

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