You're not a misfit. You're an Angel waiting for your wings.

There are so many modeling schools and agencies out there, it's tough to choose one when starting out. On the other hand some of us know, only too well, the shattering feedback: one screening after another: too short, too plump, overweight, wrong measurements, and the famous 'sorry we're not looking for a face like yours right now'. Well, imagine if you could walk in to a place and just fit in. Imagine a group of people, just like you, who had no idea where to start or got told they weren't the right fit. Imagine a place where you could share your ideas with real business owners and be part of a family of visionaries, be celebrated for just being yourself. What you're imagining is the realit


Yes. Grow a pair. You can be black, white, brown, yellow, blue, gold or green. You can be rich. You can be poor. You can be tall or short, plump or skinny or have an athletic build. You can be curvy or not. You can be active or you can be a couch potato. You can be whatever you like when you're an Angel. The beauty of being South African is that we're all woven into a multicultural fabric that's always in fashion. We all hold an immense greatness within us and it's about time we spread out our wings and flew high above the problems that keep weighing us down. For five years, we've been helping young South Africans discover and explore their talent, build self-esteem and uncover creativity li

Once an Angel, always an Angel

Carlo Abrahams had his first encounter with the CAFB 3 years ago during a workshop dedicated to offering a foothold for aspiring local singers. His overwhelming ability to bring the room to tears with his smooth deep voice caught the attention of everyone in attendance and he has grown from strength to strength within his field. Today we celebrate Carlo and his selfless endeavors to help provide crucial support to South African school students, and we ask you to join in and become an Angel too. Carlo noticed that school students were going to and from school without any shoes, suffering the heat and rainy conditions with their bare feet against tar, gravel and over thorny lawns. Broken by th

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