Mission Statement


The Creative Angels Fashion Benefit aims to offer professional grade training in fashion modelling to every individual interested in learning, whether for career prospects or to build self-confidence. Through the provision of a unique balanced programme, the CAFB further aims to promote the fashion design talent emerging within South African communities. Finally, the CAFB aims to assist small businesses through digital and corporate communication support.

What began as only a glimmer of hope has grown to become a company that looks beyond profit, and into the well-being of every Angel involved at every level. Through the work we undertake, we hope to create employment and empowerment opportunities that South Africa can become truly excited for.

Founded by Prenessa Nalliah in 2018


"Someone needed help and I looked at what skills I had to offer to something that could be much bigger than the few hundred rand I could contribute at the time.

Combine that with my lifelong hunger to learn, explore and build something hat can benefit my country and you get CAFB. This environment was built for every 'weird' kid like me who needs a safe and constructive space to just be themselves without fear or judgement."

The CAFB Story

The Mayan calendar indicated that 2012 would signal the end of the world, but for Creative Angels Fashion Benefit, the world had only just come into light. A single idea to raise funds for a mum-in-need's surgery had spiralled into a collective effort to do good on a larger scale, while helping youth forge solid opportunities for their future. Founder, Prenessa Nalliah, continues to be involved on a hands-on level as the organisation grows from an unidentifiable group of do-gooders into a formidable golden-hearted band of Angels.


The model training programme includes runway and photographic training and experience, and is open to anyone 16yrs or older. Nalliah used her experience of the South African mainstream fashion model industry to create a unique environment where everyone can learn to walk the walk, without any form of judgment or criticism. Recognising that socially deviant behaviour was on the rise around the world, CAFB opened up the professional league of model training to the average South African to prove that it's possible to achieve anything without changing the way you were born to be.


Aspiring fashion designers in South Africa have it equally tough, trying to get noticed and to get their products to market. Signing up as a CAFB designer means you'll have the support you need, both through shoots and shows. Fashion Designers from all walks of life are able to come together to grow and nurture their labels and gain support from the local community. Constant developments and expanded offerings also let Designers choose to experience the feeling of running an online store. Being able to pay by credit card, debit card or wire transfer (EFT) means a safer and easier experience for both designers and customers.


The professional services offered to small businesses include Corporate Communication, Strategic Marketing and Positioning, Staff Support and Team Building and so much more. Companies who are looking to bring out the best in their employees are able to contact CAFB for quotes on private model training sessions, photo shoots and day-to-day assistance with growing into the powerhouse brand all Rainbow Nation companies can be. 

Having begun as a social investment concept, the CAFB continues to hold social development and opportunity for youth as the most valuable motivators. Throughout the year, a number of outreach projects offer the chance for South Africans to take control of their future, and to bridge the gap between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots'. We believe that education and empowerment are the keys to our country's prosperity, and that being an Angel is both the easiest and most rewarding thing one can achieve today.

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